Dr. Olivia Robertson


To Dr. Olivia Robertson it is a fundamental life tenet that true lasting joy is derived by helping others; sharing in each other’s lives; and supporting and learning from each other. It is through awareness of how our surroundings and social interactions affect us that we can learn to adjust our behaviour and enable the realization of our dreams.

Dr. Robertson is an enthusiastic observer of life who is constantly exploring and developing her interests in human behavior. She is firmly of the belief that humans are social creatures that thrive on contact with others, which drives learning and moves individuals towards the attainment of personal goals. Dr. Robertson is always pushing boundaries in whatever she takes on. Her creative nature and love of learning have led her to pursue a career in psychology and education. Her interests and practice focus on motivation and cognition, using principles from positive psychology and cognitive theories to support individuals in reaching for, and realizing, their dreams.