Jennifer Oliver


Jen has a wide array of interests and expertise which all share the same common thread of wellness. Jen has always had a natural desire to help others feel better, whether it be mentally, physically or emotionally. Jen's athleticism and love for sports led her to pursue her undergraduate education at Queens University in Kingston, Ontario while playing five years of varsity basketball. After Graduating with two Bachelors degrees, one in honours Psychology and one in Physical and Health Education, Jen went to work in the field of health and fitness. Her industry career included personal training, fitness instruction, nutrition coaching, fitness competing, educating others through health, nutrition and wellness seminars and fitness club management.

Her experience in fitness exposed her to the very different needs of each individual and she realized that she wanted to help even more people achieve their goals through focusing not only on fitness, but also nutrition, holistic mind-body wellness and helping others realize that they have what it takes to live a life of their dreams.
Helping others with personal development became a central focus for Jen and she created the popular podcast Kaizen with Jen which features insights based on research and experience offering listeners food for thought and action items for continuous self improvement in any domain.

Jen has since completed a Masters degree in Exercise and Healthy Psychology and together with Dr. Olivia Robertson has founded LivferU Personal Management Consulting. Together, this mother/daughter team continues to coach individuals to achieve their goals and have been speakers in a variety of cities, including Hamilton, Oakville, Windsor and Toronto.

Jen believes nutrition is a cornerstone of optimal health and without the proper nutrients to create healthy brain chemistry, it is impossible to be your best for yourself or those around you. Healthy relationships begin with healthy minds and bodies, and Jen takes a holistic mind-body approach to ensure that nutrition forms the basis of her coaching practice.